How To Renew Your Old Clothes

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Throwing old clothes away is not a good idea when you can actually make them new and stylish by using some imagination. Most women and men spend thousands of dollars on buying new clothes every season, but they don’t know they can make or upcycle their old clothes to look more realistic than new ones.

It is better than throwing away the old clothes or donating them to charity. Every season, people want to stay on trend, but they forget that they can extend the life and style of their clothes with just a few easy steps. Not all the wardrobe can be updated, but some of your favorite clothes can bring someone new to the table.

Restoring and dying your old clothes can be very satisfying, and sometimes your old clothes hold beautiful memories and moments that you don’t want to forget. You have a brand new, stylish cloth wardrobe under your nose, waiting for you to discover it. With these ideas and steps, you can learn how to renew your old clothes in just a few minutes.

How To Renew Your Old Clothes

Resizing Sweaters

Resizing can be very satisfying and engaging. Resizing your old sweater to a more fitting and flattering size can be done very easily if you know the basics of using a sewing machine. Resizing is very easy. The first thing you need to do is turn your old sweater inside out, then place a few pins on both sides of the sweater. You need to place the pins at the required size. After placing the pins, you need to cut the extra cloth and then use a sewing machine to stitch the sides of the sweater again to keep the line straight along the pins that you used as markings.

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Adding Embellishment To Clothes

Another easy and very good way to renew your old clothes is to add embellishments to your old clothes. For this process, you just need some hot glue, some embellishments, and some of your imagination to give new life to your old clothes. Place the embellishments on the cloth and use glue to fix them where they look more functional and stylish. With this way of renewing clothes, you can do anything. It depends on your imagination and personal preferences.

Renew Old Jeans

Old jeans can be turned into very stylish and fashionable clothes with scissors and imagination. Your old jeans can sometimes come in handy during the summer season when you want to buy new short jeans to overcome the heat. Just take any old jeans pants and a pair of scissors. After that, mark lines on the old jeans with pencils or any color, then cut through these lines properly, and then you can stitch the ends of your new jeans shorts, or you can leave it without stitching to look even more fashionable. You can also re-dye your old jeans by simply washing it with salt and drying them properly.

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Re-dyeing Your Old Clothes

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The most common problem that every person faces with their clothes is fading. Fading is the most common reason for throwing away old clothes. No one knows that they can actually boost and restore the color of their old clothes; this can be done in very easy steps.

The easiest way is to wash your clothes with salt. When you are ready to wash your old clothes, put them in the washing machine with half a cup of salt. Remember, you must use regular salt when washing your clothes. The coarse salt or sea salt is not going to mix properly with the water and your clothes when washing.

Regular salt helps to minimize the fading process and also helps to remove any baked-on stains from your clothes. After washing, it’s time to dry your clothes, but one thing to keep in mind is that the drying machine is responsible for 50% of the fading of your clothes. So normally hang your clothes outside, but do not hang them for too long under the sun, as the heat of the sun will also fade the color of your clothes.


Giving new life to your old clothes is a very satisfying and money-saving solution. With this, you can enjoy your old closet for years to come, and this saves a lot of money every season when you want to change your wardrobe with new clothes. There are so many ways and DIY crafts to change your old clothes into new ones. Before your clothes become beyond renewing, give them a new life with these easy ways. If your old clothes are beyond help, then just throw them away, or you can use them whenever you want to repaint your home.

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